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Brushing your teeth daily is an extremely important part of dental hygiene. Our Navarre Dentist wants you to be aware that while not brushing enough is a problem, so is brushing too often and too hard. It is important to do things right and in this case more is not better.

Brushing Just Right

If you brush too gently you will not remove the plaque from your teeth nor will it stimulate your gums, which is why you brush at all. On the flip side, if you brush too hard you will irritate your gums as well as erode your teeth’s surface enamel. The long term damage you can sustain from brushing too hard or too often is serious. Scratching your enamel, wearing it down, or causing pitting makes your teeth vulnerable to damage and decay. As a rule of thumb, if your brush is wearing down faster than the average time, you should probably pay attention to how hard you are brushing.

It is also important to note you should change the starting location of your brushing sessions. Brushing is boring. The first place you hit will get the most attention and the last, the least. So change it up to make sure everywhere is covered.

The Right Brush

What many people may not think about is if they are using the correct toothbrush for their teeth. The average person should be using a soft to medium toothbrush, but these are not the only kind available. There are stiff brushes for adults and super soft brushes for children. Using the wrong brush when combined with an improper brushing technique can severely damage your teeth leading to damage, decay, and even a loss of teeth.

Caring For Your Brush

Our Navarre Dentist feels it is important to that it is easy to not properly care for your toothbrush. First off you need to rinse off the bristles when you are done using them. By not doing so the next time that you put the brush into your teeth the bacteria that you removed will go right back into your mouth.

You also need to make sure that you are letting your brush dry. A tooth brush that is constantly moist will grow bacteria that will then be put into your mouth. You can also damage the bristles.

Brushing too hard or too often can have just as many negative effects in your pearly whites as not brushing or brushing too softly. You need to have the correct brush, proper care for the brush, as well as the right amount of pressure on your teeth while brushing. This seems like a lot to keep track of, however it really isn’t that bad. By having the right brush and rinsing it after each use you can do a lot for your mouth. For more on this check out the BrightSmilesDentist blog.

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