A Dental Visit Could Save Your Life

Many people aren’t aware that oral cancer causes one American death every hour and has for 40 years. While other cancers are decreasing, oral cancer is still on the rise, up a projected 11% over last year. More than 30,000 people will be diagnosed this year, but only 57% will live more than 5 years. The key to survival is early diagnosis with Modern Dentistry.

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In many cases, oral cancer is diagnosed when white lesions appear on the soft tissues in the mouth. By the time we can see these spots, it may be too late to save the patient. Recent advances have produced diagnostic tools that detect oral cancer before the lesions are visible to the naked eye, increasing the cure rate to greater than 80%!

Oral Cancer Detection Services

As our patient, you will receive an oral cancer assessment at least annually at Fort Walton Beach Dental office. We use VELscope¬† and also ViziLite Plus with TBlue 630¬†oral cancer detection methods. Both are safe, convenient, and effective diagnostic and marking system. With the VELscope a doctor or dental hygienist will simply look in your mouth with¬†this¬†special imaging device that can visually identify oral cancer lesions. With Vizilite, you will simply rinse with a special solution, then we’ll examine your mouth’s soft tissues with the help of a low-energy light. The solution makes underlying oral cancer cells visible as white patches.

We mark the white patches with TBlue 360, a safe dye that will show us where the suspect areas are after we remove the low-energy light. We will then take intraoral photographs to keep on file and send to your dental or medical insurance carrier.

Shocking Facts about Oral Cancer

– Has Killed One American Every Hour for 40 Years
– More Prevalent than Hodgekin’s Disease and Skin, Cervical, Brain, Liver, Testes, Ovary, and Kidney Cancers
– More than 25% of Oral Cancer Victims Do Not Use Tobacco, Alcohol, or Have Other Lifestyle Risks
– While 30K People Will Be Diagnosed This Year, Only 57% Will Live More Than 5 Years

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