Causes and Solutions for bad breath from a Navarre Dentist

Have you ever been told that you have bad breath? Noticed people standing further away than usual? Chances are that you fighting bad breath or halitosis. This is an unpleasant problem however it is not an extreme one. More often than not the solution to this problem is a simple one. Our Navarre dentist wants to offer some advice and explanation for this issue.

Why can’t you smell your own breath?

The reason you cannot tell if your own breath stinks is your body’s natural process called acclimation. This means your nose filters out its own scents so it can detect outside smells. This creates a problem when you are trying to detect bad breath on your own. Instead try asking a friend or family member and see what they say. Chances are they will be happy to give you an honest opinion.

What causes halitosis?

The most common causes of bad breath are decaying food particles and bacterial growth in your mouth. Poor hygiene habits tend to lead to the accumulation of food and bacteria which produces sulfur. This is what we call halitosis. There are other reasons like gum disease, cavities, and sinus infections. It is important to note that if you have bad breath that appears to be resistant to your attempts to fix it, you should get it looked at by a Navarre dentist. Some serious issues can cause bad breath.

Avoiding Bad Breath

Keeping up with bad breath is not the easiest thing to do, however good habits help says our Navarre dentist. Make sure that you drink plenty of water every day. This has many health benefits, but one of them is loosening and rinsing away food that is stuck in your teeth and it encourages saliva production. Chew sugar free gum. This will encourage saliva production and the mint flavor can help with the smell. Using mouthwash can kill bacteria in your mouth which is extremely important. Ask your Navarre dentist which brand he recommends. Attend regular checkups with your Navarre dentist. The most important tool in fighting bad breath is a simple one. Brush your teeth twice a day, rinse your mouth out with water after eating or drinking sugary substances, start flossing every day.

Bad breath isn’t something people like to mess with because it simply stinks. It is not a difficult problem to overcome, but sometimes the hardest solutions are the easy ones. Doing things like brushing your teeth properly and flossing are huge. There are however some serious causes of halitosis beyond food decaying or bacteria in your mouth. Things like gum disease and cavities can cause bad breath as well. If your bad breath doesn’t go away after the easier treatments you should go see your Navarre dentist. If the problem is serious, you need to get it taken care of. When it comes to your teeth or bad breath, don’t dally. They are not just for cosmetics and while they are fixable, prevention is the best practice.