Brushing Your Teeth And It’s Importance

Brushing your teeth is something that is important to do right as you want to keep your teeth healthy and happy. Many people do not brush for the recommended length with can mean they were hasty or missed certain areas. Clean teeth are not only for appearance, keeping your teeth and mouth clean means some rather un-fun issues such as gingivitis. Modern Dentistry specialists all over want to make sure you brush correctly as prevention is more important than repair. We are going to go over the basics of tooth brushing and give some general tips on the matter.

First off make sure that you wet your tooth brush then apply a thin strip of toothpaste. You are going to want to start with your molars on one side and work towards the other side. Your tooth brush head should cover two to three teeth at a time. You want to make circular motions on the teeth you are focusing on for about ten seconds or twenty brush strokes then move on. You will do this for the front side of both your top and bottom teeth. When you move to the insides of your teeth you will want to do the same for the back side of your molars as you did the front side. Use an upward flicking motion for the insides of your front teeth. You want to start at the gums and “flick” away from them two to three times per tooth. Once you have finished with that you will gently brush your tongue and insides of your cheeks before rinsing out your mouth. This process should take about two minutes if don’t properly. To get a feel for this next time you brush, watch the clock and time yourself.

As far as tooth brushes go soft bristle brushes are best for removing plague and debris from your teeth. If given a choice you also want to make sure you get a small headed brush as this will allow you to be more thorough and accurate in your cleaning. Your toothpaste is likewise important but not as strict. With all the different kinds of toothpaste available you really just want to make sure that you are matching your dental needs with the right toothpaste, such as whitening or for sensitivity. You should also replace your toothbrush as soon as you start to see any wear or tear or when 3 months has passed. If your bristles are bending or looking worn then replace it sooner rather than later.

Brushing your teeth is an integral part of caring for your mouth. This is something you should learn to do properly and keep up with the upkeep. Brushing twice a day is important. Our modern dentistry experts are willing to fix up whatever the problem is but more than that they’d like to ensure it doesn’t happen. There is no need for fillings or repair from tooth decay when all it takes to keep it under control is daily brushing.


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